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Simply Brides

Simply Brides has everything it takes to make you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day, with our extensive range of bridal accessories from handmade veils and hairpieces to bridal robes and personalised bridal hangers

Call our team of friendly consultants today on 0424 212 203 and we’ll ensure you find all the accessories you could need for your dream day.

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Bridal Accessories - Canterbury | Sydney

Simply Brides knows that every woman is unique and, so we provide a wide range of wedding accessories to ensure you’ll find the perfect look and fit.

We have a passion for all things bridal and understand how hard it can be to stick within budget to find that final piece that you just can't live without. We specialise in handmade veils and hairpieces, bridal robes, and personalised bridal hangers.

We’re here to provide the solution of top-quality bridal accessories without the price tag. Our friendly, experienced team of consultants will take the stress out of finding your perfect wedding accessories, ensuring you have your desired style and the perfect fit, all within your budget.

Based in Canterbury, NSW, our boutique showroom is designed to put your mind at ease while searching for that perfect accessory.

Bridal Robes Canterbury, Bridal Hangers Sydney, Bridal Hairpieces Burwood Bridal Hairpieces Bankstown, Bridal Accessories Hurstville, Bridal Sales Newtown

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Bridal Sales - From Burwood to Bankstown

At Simply Brides we strive to make every woman look and feel her absolute best by providing a wide range of products and services including the following;

Handcrafted Wedding Veils

Looking for a unique veil? Can't seem to escape all of the identical veils online?

Bring your dress with you and we will match it with a quality and affordable veil handmade to order for you. Our wide range of styles are all made locally in Sydney and we guarantee that they were made with the love and care your special day deserves.

Handmade Hairpieces

Want to stand out from the crowd? Find that delicate finishing touch with one of our handmade hairpieces.

We will match your hairpiece with your dress and your veil (if you choose to wear one). We'll also match it with your hair and face shape, and the final product will be handmade to order with love, right here in Sydney.

Bridal Robes

Find the perfect bridal robe for yourself and your bridesmaids. We have a large range of luxury plain and floral robes that will stand out from the crowd and be a beautiful memento for years to come.

Personalised Bridal Hangers

With our personalised bridal hangers we consider every single detail of your wedding experience. Your personalised choices include engraving, customised wiring, ribbons, hanger material, and hanger colour. These personalised hangers serve as a perfect memento for yourself, or a souvenir for your bridesmaids and family.

Our long list of satisfied customers will tell you that our vast collection of robes and accessories and our friendly, knowledgeable consultations will make choosing that perfect outfit stress-free and affordable.

We are open by appointment, Saturday and Sunday: 11:30 to 5 pm.

Bridal Accessories Bankstown, Bridal Sales Hurstville, Bridal Robes Newtown Bridal Robes Newtown, Bridal Accessories Bankstown, Bridal Sales Hurstville, Bridal Robes Newtown

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Bridal Robes - From Hurstville to Newtown

Simply Brides had an extensive collection of top-quality, affordable wedding accessories for your special day.

Based in Canterbury, NSW, we specialise in taking the stress out of finding your outfit, ensuring you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day.

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Find that perfect bridal robe or wedding accessory without the price tag today by booking an appointment with one of our experienced consultants today on 0424 212 203.

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